Our Aquatics Ambassadors

A remarkable group of people with deep relationships to swimming and water.

Here, our Ambassadors share what lies at the core of their commitment to water, hoping their water story might inspire their neighbors:

Jeremiah Johnson

What I love most about being a lifeguard is teaching the importance of water safety to kids that looked like me and seeing their reaction when they learned I was the lifeguard. I’m hoping that will make them more interested in swimming and even one day becoming a lifeguard like me.

Jeremiah Johnson learned to swim at Swimtastic in Franklin, WI as a toddler. He quickly fell in love with it so much and started swimming competitively — his favorite stroke is freestyle. Jeremiah proudly served his first season as a lifeguard during the summer of 2023 at Cool Waters in Greenfield Park. He also plays varsity basketball at Marquette University High School.

Emilio Perez

“Swimming has opened so many doors for me. My life as a professional swimmer has introduced me to the world beyond Milwaukee, taking me around the country and to international competitions in Mexico and Japan. I’ve had phenomenal experiences in the pool and the sport has introduced me to an amazing community — teammates, friends and mentors. Swimming has also given me opportunities to become a better leader, a better teammate and overall a better person.”

Emilio Perez is a professional swimmer whose career started in Wilson Pool on Milwaukee’s South Side. Now, he represents Mexico in international competitions and competes in meets around the United States and world. He is also an emerging graphic designer, creating his own custom gear with his swimwear sponsor A3 Performance. He also designed the Aquatics Ambassadors Milwaukee logo.

Lloyd Seawright

“Water can be therapeutic on the one hand and induce fear on another. Water can give life and take it away. Water is a balance beam of life. The pleasure and nourishment water provides through our oceans, waterways, and pools will ensure a healthy relationship for all who desire to engage this omnipresent medium — water!”

​​Lloyd Seawright is a “waterman,” engaging in the sports of swimming, paddling, rowing, and other extreme water sports. A true steward of all things water, he grew up on Bradford and Atwater Beaches, also spending time at the YMCA and CAMP Minikani. Lloyd works in disaster response and emergency management, also providing the EMS Program at MATC with evaluation assistance in the NREMT Practical Exam Process. He is a senior partner with the Beach Ambassador program, a board member with Surfrider Foundation MKE, a water quality tester with Milwaukee Riverkeeper, an associate of the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project, and on a disaster response team with the Red Cross.

Jesse Ambos-Kleckly

“When we talk about water safety in Milwaukee, swimming is a life skill, but also a potentially life-saving skill. Lake Michigan is the deadliest of the five Great Lakes and we have too many drownings in our rivers and other bodies of water. Learning to swim can be about developing your stroke, but it can also be breaking through generational and genetic trauma.”

Jesse’s passion for water began early. A competitive swimmer at the age of 6, her childhood pool was at Dineen Park, where her mom and aunt had been lifeguards. She swam on the varsity swim team at Rufus King in high school, eventually becoming a lifeguard and teaching swim lessons for over eight years. With representation at the forefront, Jesse requested placement in Black and Brown neighborhoods to invest her skill within communities most impacted by socioeconomic barriers limiting access to pools and water safety education.

Rae Johnson

“Swimming always felt far away from my life in Milwaukee, but in reality, it’s not. I wish I’d known how to swim growing up because it’s fun, a low-impact exercise, and a real survival skill. Plus, I think it’s a perfect activity for introverts like me.”

Rae learned to swim in 2020, as an adult, because they didn’t want their 10-year-old son Elijah to feel afraid as he began lessons at North Division. They also wanted to take on a challenge and learn a major new life skill as an example for Elijah. Rae continues to swim and seek time in the water, especially in winter and has branched out to water aerobics (including going with their mother!).

Elijah Moore

“It’s a social thing, learning to swim. I’ve met good people in the pool and formed friendships. It’s also an important skill because it can be useful in survival situations. Swimming opens up opportunities. I’m glad I went on this adventure.”

In 2019, as a 10-year-old, Elijah Moore went to sleepaway camp in Campbellsport, Wisconsin with Project Kindred. Many activities were built around an outdoor pool and Elijah did not know how to swim. So in 2020, he learned to swim at North Division High School’s pool, during the pandemic, while his parent learned alongside him. When Elijah joined the Boy Scouts in 2021, his first merit badge was for swimming. He also swam competitively with the city-wide youth swim club Milwaukee Krakens and earned a “polar bear” badge for participating in the 2024 Polar Bear Plunge in Lake Michigan.

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